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Union County Animal Services

If you have a dog or cat problem, call the county for FREE service: 908-820-4242

If you have a wild animal problem, you can pay our company to help you: 973-658-5655

Union County Animal Control Services handles cases involving domestic animal problems, such as stray dogs, stray cats, missing pets, adoptions, vaccinations, etc. Union County is not the same as the Elizabeth SPCA, but both deal with dog and cat issues. Call us regarding pet licensing and animal laws and ordinances.

Our wildlife control company services the Cities of Elizabeth, Linden, Plainfield, Rahway, and Summit, the boroughs of Fanwood, Garwood, Kenilworth, Mountainside, New Providence, Roselle Park, and Roselle, and the townships of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Hillside, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Union, Westfield and Winfield. Read more about our services in Linden, Plainfield, and Union Township.

Union County Animal Emails:

I have a complaint about a breeder in your area of Union County. I am not sure if this is the place to start though! I recently bought a bullmastiff from Hercules Bullmastiffs. He advertised that he had quality Bull mastiffs with correct structure and sound disposition. We came to see a 18 week old puppy, that he said he was “holding for a show dog” for someone who actually had to make a decision not to take the pup as she had health problems that interfered in her training the pup. So he was making an exception to give her up. I drove from Sanford NC to see this pup. When I arrived, the pup was really sweet, but the surroundings in which it lived were not up to par for the normal family. The “breeder” did not let us in the house, coming out with the supposed “mom” of the pup. She looked like she was obviously a mom, but she was brindle and the pup was fawn, which is not uncommon. I then questioned him about papers, etc. The papers were “on their way” that they were “sent to the wrong address by mistake”. He showed me the moms and the supposed dads AKC papers at that point and pictures. He then gave us a summary of the shots she had (that he filed out there on the spot). The mom had an odor to her that was pretty rank, and so did the puppy (not quite as bad though as he said he bathed her). When he was completing some paperwork on his porch, he would not take our check. We went out in the pouring rain storms to pulse $900.00 for the pup. At that point we went back to the house, where my husband went in the house. He said that the house had numerous dogs in there that he was selling. The breeder seemed to have a sort of puppy mill it seemed. We did purchase the dog after all, and now that we know we should waited until seeing actual papers, but that is hindsight. My complaint is that he told us that the dog was potty trained, she was not at all. He told us that she was eating Diamond food, which our vet informed us that is the worst food for a dog, therefore, she had stomach problems. She had gas the whole trip home and it was evident that she was fed off the table most of the time as she did not want to eat even the Diamond food he gave us for the next few days. He neglected to inform us that she ate from the kitchen counters, and from the refrigerator! It was obvious when we brought her home that she was nothing what he said she was! I also have a complaint on this guy as along, I have called him approximately 5-6 times, and he has said the paperwork was on the way, it just got in, and that it was in the mail to us! The mail never came, as well as he has not returned my call since then! He is a fraud and I would like to file a complaint on him so that others do not accept dogs from this guy and get the same treatment as we did! I really believe that he should be investigated as to how he is treating his animals, especially since he is selling them to others and leading them to believe that they are in the best of health as a breeder should. Can you please advise on how, if we can get AKC papers, as well as if there is anything else we can do to pursue this further. This was a rescue mission definitely I know on our part, and I don’t want anyone else dealing with this guy!!!! The dog we “rescued” from him is now in obedience classes weekly and is doing very well. Her name is Roxy and she is loved in our household. Thank you for any advice you might have! Thank you! Melynn