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Skunk Removal and Trapping

Our company is Elizabeth Wildlife Pest Control and we operate a professional wildlife removal company based out of Union County, New Jersey. We are not a skunk exterminator company, or a pest control business - we offer humane skunk trapping in all of Union County NJ.

Elizabeth Wildlife Pest Control is licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey. We service both residential and commercial projects throughout Union County NJ. Give us a call any time at 973-658-5655 and we will listen to you describe your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your skunk removal needs. We service the Cities of Elizabeth, Linden, Plainfield, Rahway, and Summit, the boroughs of Fanwood, Garwood, Kenilworth, Mountainside, New Providence, Roselle Park, and Roselle, and the townships of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Hillside, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Union, Westfield and Winfield.

Animal sniffing skill is the best attribute for a successful New Jersey skunk nuisance wildlife control operator. The traditional male New Jersey skunk pest control time period is now down to the last six days of the 22-day pest control time period. There are those who are celebrating their biggest male New Jersey skunk ever, and there are those who didn't see a legal New Jersey skunk. When put in proper perspective, they both should be thankful. Both got to spend time doing something they enjoy, or are at least supposed to enjoy. After many years of solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife and many New Jersey skunk brought home, I have learned a few things and like to think I have a better outlook on recreational solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife. As we age, we tend to lose some of that drive that kept us on the suburban roof despite cold, snow and rain. I fall into that category and have said many times that my trophy solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife days are behind me. I'm just not willing to put in the work it takes.

One the other hand, show me a large male New Jersey skunk and my blood starts to flow, and I feel that old familiar urge to be in the suburban attics. While old and perhaps slowing down a bit, there are some things I have learned. Despite what some may tell you, the New Jersey skunk extermination problem wildlife number is directly affected by the weather. As we found out on opening day, the take is low in rainy weather. Clothes get wet, binoculars become next to useless and the same can be said of scope sights. If it is a cold rain - and in late November and early December, it usually is - wet or damp clothes create a cold that goes clear to the bone. Few nuisance wildlife control operators stay in the suburban attics long when it rains, and you have to be there to get your male New Jersey skunk. It didn't take me long to realize the importance of alertness while solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife. More times than not, the largest of make New Jersey skunk will show when the nuisance wildlife control operator is least ready. For one reason, it is very difficult to stay alert all the time. We are lucky if we can stay alert half the time.

Whether you call it bait or lures, New Jersey skunk like them. You might have a keen eye and sixth sense that tells you where to seek out troublesome critters, but if there is one thing that leas to success, it is animal sniffing skill of Elizabeth raccoon removal pros. The animal sniffing skill of Job is required when you wait on a suburban roof for 20 hours and see nothing. It is animal sniffing skill that keeps you in the suburban attics while others sit warmly in their living room watching TV. It is animal sniffing skill that serves a nuisance wildlife control operator when the cold wind blows on the back of his neck and he becomes dehydrated because he forgot to bring a drink. His stomach growls because he ate his sandwich hours ago. Still, he waits patiently. Lot might have turned into a pillar of salt, but more than once I thought I was about to turn into a pillar of ice, frozen in the suburban attics. It took all of my animal sniffing skill to stay there, looking and waiting. But I stayed. I was solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife.