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Different Causes of Bad Odor in a House

There are various causes of a bad odor in the house. Usually the foul smell coming from the house is due to the dead animal which may be present anywhere in the house. It is a well known fact that the wild animals are found in buildings all the time and most common Elizabeth animals found in the houses are mice, rats, bats, squirrels, opossums and raccoons. A more alarming condition is when the cats die in the attic of your house. It is very difficult to clean the attic of the house. Therefore it is very important to sort out the bad smell and its source from where it is coming so that it becomes easy to eradicate the smell and its source and clean up the house from that place in particular in particular.

Possible sources of bad smell in a house
Usually there are certain sources of bad smell coming from the house. In most common cases it has been observed that the remains and droppings of the New Jersey animals found in the house are the main reasons for smell. Usually the smell comes from attic, walls, roof, or portions under the house. Some common causes of the bad smell coming from the house are as follows:

Mold in the attic or walls
It has been observed that the animals living in the attic of house may spread droppings and urine in the attic or in the walls. This causes the moistening of the attic and walls of house from upper side and inside respectively. This damp and warm environment creates favorable conditions for the growth of mold in the attic and walls of the house. If this goes unchecked, it causes the growth of mold and release of bad smell in the house. This kind of smell is very stinking.

Smell due to rotting food in the house
Rodents like raccoons and New Jersey squirrels have the habit of storing food with them. They store this food in the attic and if the food is decomposed for a long time then this releases smell in the surroundings.

Smell due to a dead animal present in the house
There are some very obvious reasons for foul smell coming from the house. Among these reason one very prominent reason is the presence of a dead Elizabeth animal in the house. Mostly the animals die in the attic, walls or shed under the house.

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